Part 2 - Product Innovation - Research and Development at ScarfLady

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To learn who was the lucky winner of the draw related to Part 1 of this blog and some of the suggested names for the "Pink and Blue" GemLace, click here. And keep reading as there is also a Free ScarfLady draw item associated with Part 2!
And now as promised, Part 2 of Product Innovation - Research and Development Time at ScarfLady....
In addition to testing new colours for the original GemLace over the summer, I developed a new product to be introduced at Fall Shows.  As I mentioned in Part 1 of the blog post, research and development plays a critical role in the innovation process and is an essential investment for businesses to keep relevant in their field. Not unlike when I worked in the technology field in my first career, the process of innovation I followed included 
1. Identifying a need/opportunity
  • there are women who love the lightweight and ease of travel of the original GemLace, but traditionally do not wear scarves 
  • there are women who love the impact and look of original GemLace, but work or their lifestyle is such that they can not wear an accessory that dangles
  • Something new that can be combined for wear with the original GemLace!
2. Research materials
  • important to leverage the same lightweight yarns included in the original GemLace 
  • consider the addition of adornments 
  • determine options for fastening (which is not a requirement for the original GemLace)
3. Prototype work and rework
  • creation of many samples varying the colour, the number of different types of yarns included in each piece, types of fasteners, composition of fasteners and style of adornments
  • based on results of prototypes, many changes in the design resulted such as the addition of an extender, and several changes in the fastener material composition and adornment styles

 4. Limited Release

  • creation of the "Canada 150" version (red, white and silver) for the July 1 celebration in Canada
  • strong "sell-out" response to limited release provided positive feedback 
  • personal experience and feedback from initial customers resulted in additional minor design changes 
5. Product Launch
  • this is a large undertaking on its own and worthy of an entire blog discussion and post
  • in summary, the new necklace version of the GemLace will be launched at the Fall and Christmas Handmade shows starting with the Etsy Made in Canada event in Waterloo in late September and Ball's Falls in Niagara on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend (Oct 6-9). 
A full list of my shows for the Fall and Christmas Holiday season are listed here on my website.  
In closing, I would like to invite anyone to comment below on suggestions for naming my new product such that it works well and makes sense with the original GemLace (scarf version) from ScarfLady. Product positioning and naming are an important part of a Product Launch and I look forward to your valuable input. Consider the following...
  • should this new product be an add-on type name highlighting that it can be worn with the original GemLace, or 
  • should the name highlight it as its own product to be worn on its own or 
  • should the name simply note it is the necklace version of the GemLace by ScarfLady vs the scarf version of the GemLace by ScarfLady (original version)
  • suggestions for the name of the new product
Your feedback and naming suggestions will be entered into a draw for a new necklace version of the GemLace (limit one entry per person). 
And here are some early pictures of my latest innovation! I look forward to seeing your comments below.
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Follow Up to Part 1 of Product Innovation Blog - Congratulations to....

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What an incredible response to my request for feedback and name ideas for the new "pink and blue" GemLace! And congratulations to Edina B. of Bradford, Ontario who is the winner of the draw for the new necklace version of the GemLace!  Please click on the link at the bottom of this update for Part 2 of the Product Innovation blog and learn about ScarfLady's newly created product and how to enter my next draw for a FREE ScarfLady item.


Well the sunset/sunrise theme definitely dominated the suggestions and included names such as Aurora, Northern Lights, Summer Twilight, Shimmering Sunset, Sailor's Delight and several more. I think the pictures below show the reason for this common theme. I loved all of the ideas but how do I choose one? Perhaps Pink Sunset GemLace captures the essence of many suggested names. 


Thank you so much for your incredible response to my request for input.

Here is the link to Part 2 - Product Innovation - Research and Development Time at ScarfLady where you will learn about the R&D related to the new necklace version of the GemLace will be launched at the Fall and Christmas Handmade shows starting with Ball's Falls in Niagara on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend (Oct 6-9). 

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Product Innovation - Research and Development Time at ScarfLady - Part 1

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Whatever your area of business, whether you are an artisan, technology company or car manufacturer, research and development plays a critical role in the innovation process. It’s essentially an investment in a creative process or technology which is transformed into new products or variations in current product.

Summertime is when I take time to step back and look at new ideas for variations in existing product and possible new design ideas. I have been busy this summer trying out new yarns and yarn colours for the GemLace by ScarfLady as well as a new product design. 

Early customer feedback is also very important in the innovation process for creative ideas that make it past the testing phase and into limited production. I have posted a limited number of a new colour variation in my shop for purchase and have asked current customers for feedback and name ideas for this new colour option.  If you have any feedback or name ideas for the "Blue and Pink" GemLace, please comment below and you will be entered into a draw for the New NeckLace GemLace. I will be doing a follow up blog about the creative process I went through this summer to develop this new product. 

Tie it as an infinity scarf in a French knot!  A great look when looking for a longer scarf look that makes a slimming a "Y"  formation. 

Wear it in a triple loop!  A shorter length, ideal if working in the kitchen, around small children or for a "necklace" look for your outfit. 


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Travel Tips for Fashion Accessories

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Fashion Accessories are the easy way to add style to your travel vacation wardrobe. The GemLace by ScarfLady is an ideal choice. Learn why and also hear what one customer has to say about their experiences traveling with the GemLace by ScarfLady!


1. Travel Ready - The organza bag packaging works well for storage at home and is 'ready-for-travel' as well.


2. Light as a Feather - At less than 7 ounces or 20 grams, simply throw in a GemLace or two when traveling to create additional looks without adding bulk or weight to your suitcase. 


3. Versatility - The GemLace looks great with an evening dress, business outfit or a pair of jeans and a sweater. This is particularly important when you are uncertain of exact wardrobe needs during your travels.


4. Get Ready for Compliments during your Travel!


Erika G. of Waterloo, Canada had this to say about her travel experience with the GemLace by ScarfLady...

"Love the way my GemLace scarf instantly dresses up anything from a plain t-shirt to a collared shirt. It is my go-to accessory for Europe trips. Takes up no room in your luggage (or purse) and gives an instant edge to any outfit!  I have received many compliments even in places like Paris and Rome wanting to know where I purchased this unique scarf".   




 You can also check out my etsy shop items!

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Need Help Picking GemLace Colors?

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Need Help Picking Colors? Start with this handy list of hints for some ideas. 

Want to compliment silver or white gold jewelry? 

Pearl Onyx GemLace is ideal (Black, white, silver metallic)


Want to compliment gold jewelry?

Tiger's Eye GemLace work well (Brown, beige, copper and gold metallic)


Wear mostly black?

For a monochromatic look try the Onyx GemLace (solid black metallic)

For those who do not want much color, consider Pearl Onyx GemLace (Black, white, silver metallic), Pearl GemLace (off white, cream, winter white metallic) or Tiger’s Eye GemLace  (Brown, beige, copper and gold metallic). –

For those looking for a little punch of color look at these GemLace that combine some color with black: Turquoise Amethyst GemLace (turquoise, purple and black metallic), Garnett Onyx GemLace (red, black, orange and pink metallic). 

For those looking a more significant color punch look at any of the other GemLace as everything really does go with black. Popular choices include the Aquamarine, Star Sapphire, Rustic and Multi.


Wear lots of denims?

Star Sapphire GemLace (denim blue metallic) or the Rustic GemLace (denim blue and dark/light beige metallic).


Wear the jewel tones?

Aquamarine GemLace (blues and green metallic)

Turquoise Amethyst GemLace (turquoise, purple and black metallic)

Turquoise GemLace (solid teal/turquoise)

Garnet GemLace (red metallic)


Wear softer or pastel colors?

Pastel GemLace (light blues, pinks, etc metallic)

Pink Ruby GemLace (pinks and white metallic)

Star Sapphire GemLace (denim blue metallic)


Know somone who loves purple?

Amethyst GemLace (purples)

Turquoise Amethyst (black, turquoise and some purple)


Wear prints or want a impact of a strong solid color?

The solid color GemLace are ideal. Choose from

Onyx GemLace (black metallic)

Pearl GemLace (winter white metallic)

Turquoise GemLace (turquoise/teal metallic)

Garnet GemLace (red metallic).


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