A Scarf Necklace is like a fashion scarf without the warmth/bulk and like chunky jewellery without the weight.  They are made by hand from soft, fine, near-weightless metallic yarns to get the right shimmer, bulk and softness. While it is designed in a loop and operates similar to an infinity style scarf, it is often thought to be jewelry as it shimmers as if beaded. It lays flat (keeping you cool) whereas a scarf is typically bulky/hot. It is not heavy around your neck like chunky jewelry.

Each Scarf Necklace weighs less than one ounce (~20 grams). 

The Scarf Necklace is an infinity or loop design which means it can be worn multiple ways for different looks.

1. Traditionally, I extend the Scarf Necklace  in half lengthwise, place the entire Scarf Necklace behind my head and pull both loops forward, make the lengths very uneven. Next, insert the long length through the loop of the short length, then grab the two sides with my two hands and give it a shake.

2. You can also double or triple loop the Scarf Necklace similar to an infinity scarf or long length of beads.

A styling guide is included with the packaging and the Scarf Necklace is packaged in a pretty organza satchel ideal for gift giving and travel. There is also a One-Minute Video Styling Guide, "How to Wear a Scarf Necklace" in the Videos section at www.scarflady.ca 

ScarfLady accessory items are made from a combination of metallic and non-metallic yarns whose contents include either nylon and metallic or polyester and lurex. This information is also included in the packaging information.

The Scarf Necklace is surprisingly strong and durable. At in-person shows, I crumble them up, pull them apart, stretching and pulling them out lengthwise with a good tug, much to the surprise of onlookers. They are strong as they are made from yarns that can be used to make clothes. And they do not tangle... really! Hang them with your belts or scarves at home. When travelling, put the items in the organza travel bag it comes in for extra outfits without the bulk or weight.

The Scarf Necklace may be washed by hand and hung to dry if it gets dirty.