Avoid Aching Fingers with Arthritis-Friendly Fashion Accessories

Jan Jaworsky

            Avoid Aching Fingers with Arthritis-Friendly Fashion Accessories

Fastening jewelry and accessories around your neck can become difficult if you have osteoarthritis in the fingers. But just because you have sensitive finger joints, doesn’t mean that you have to stop looking good wearing fashion accessories. Look for these options if you wish to wear arthritis-friendly adornments.
Accessories with Magnetic Fasteners
Necklaces sold with the traditional claw and loop clasp, can be extended with a magnetic closure that don’t require to be pinched to open and close but only require you to guide the two ends close together to fasten. These magnetic clasps are often sold as an add-on piece and some handmade artisans have an option to add this piece if you ask when purchasing your necklace. 
Accessories with No Fastening Required
Statement jewelry can take many forms so that a fastener is not required.
1. This could be simply a necklace long enough to be slipped over your heard. A chain extender is also an option for an existing necklace too short to go over your head. 
2. A scarf necklace that is designed in a loop similar to how an infinity scarf operates is also a great alternative to traditional necklaces and provides a stunning statement look with the added bonus of being lightweight around your neck which is also a consideration for avoiding neck strain. This style of statement jewelry is also very versatile for styling allowing you to create different looks. For, example you can loop the scarf necklace one, two or three times to create three different lengths/looks. You also have the option to wear the scarf necklace as a French Knot or lariat. The below video will give you a better idea of how easy it is to put on an arthritis-friendly scarf necklace. 
And for more information, you can go to www.scarflady.ca to explore the variety of lightweight scarf necklaces and adorned necklaces available. Enjoy arthritis-friendly fashion accessories that are truly stunning and are without the bulk and heavy weight associated with traditional fashion scarves and statement necklaces!

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