"Virtual Handmade Shows" Keep Artisan Shopping Alive!

Jan Jaworsky

            "Virtual Handmade Shows" Keep Artisan Shopping Alive!

Artisan showings and shopping for handmade goods is getting back on track starting in September, thanks to events like the Handmade Market going online.  

Visit Handmade Market Online!

For many artisans, the Fall/Holiday in-person events are the most important as followers everywhere attend the handmade shows in droves looking for unique and special goods for both themselves and for gifts.  

But in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, gatherings including all handmade shows in 2020 have been cancelled, as social distancing in some of the largest venues makes exhibiting and attending these in-person events impossible.

This is why many artists have been finding other online ways to reach their followers. The pandemic has incited an explosion in new, and renewed, online artisan websites, many using the Shopify platform and the ShopHERE program. My shop, ScarfLady.ca is built on the Shopify platform and I have been working hard to elevate the shop to support the selling of my work with the first touch coming from digital marketing programs as opposed to in-person, well respected and curated handmade shows. 

Starting this Fall we will start to see the efforts of handmade show event organizers who have been innovating to create "virtual shows" through digital platforms. One of the first starts this Thursday September 10th, with the Handmade Market's first of 3 online events for 2020. 

You can visit the Handmade Marketplace website from September 10-13 to shop online from over 220 one-of-a-kind 100% Canadian makers and 1000s of handmade products ... all in one convenient location!!!  Of course, ScarfLady is one of the makers participating in this event and my scarf necklaces and adorned neck pieces, that are ideal for gift giving, can be purchased along with the work of many other great Canadian artisans. They are also great for dressing up an outfit for the smaller gatherings you may be attending this Fall or Holiday Season!

I encourage you to support local makers during the Fall and Holiday shopping season as we try boost these small businesses and our economy.  We will all miss gathering in person, but you can still find and shop handmade online and we look forward to seeing you there!!


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