How to Wear a Statement Necklace Jewelry

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            Three mannequins showing a Blue Scarf Necklace with Jean Jacket, a pink scarf Necklace with pink sweater and red statement necklace with red sweater

How to Wear Statement Necklace Jewelry with Confidence

What statement pieces are in style?  What's trending to create a "notice-me" look? Like nothing else, statement necklaces, statement jewelry and fashion scarves are the best way to finish off your outfit -- But wait, how do you wear a statement necklace, jewelry or scarf to lay just right to get the same look you see in pictures? 
We are here to help -- You've got this! Take your jacket, top or dress from just alright to amazing with a the Scarf Necklace from ScarfLady to give your clothes a new lease in life.
And if you love the look of statement necklaces, BIB necklaces and traditional fashion scarves but find them too warm, bulky or heavy around your neck, we can help you with that too! 

Introducing the Scarf Necklace...

  • Like a statement necklace without the weight around your neck

  • Like a traditional fashion scarf without the bulk and warmth around your neck

A beautiful finishing piece to any outfit and often thought to be statement jewelry. It shimmers as if beaded but is made from metallic yarns and almost weightless. Ideal for women who love the look of a fashion scarf or statement necklace but find them too bulky, hot and heavy to wear. Versatile, packable and perfect for any season or occasion. Looks great with an evening dress, business outfit or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. It can be worn several different ways and adjusted to fit all sizes and body shapes, even plus sizes.


Infographic showing three ways to wear the Scarf Necklace from ScarfLady. Blue Scarf Necklace shown on denim jacket, multicolor Scarf Necklace on red dress and turquoise and purple Scarf Necklace shown on blue dress. , turquoise Scarf Necklaces shown on


To learn more about the three ways to wear a Scarf Necklace, click here. 

More ideas about how to wear statement necklaces, jewelry and scarves...


  1. Work of Art: The Scarf Necklace is handcrafted with love in Waterloo, ON. Turn a drab and boring sweater or blazer into a work of art! 
  2. Little Black Dress Fashion: Pair your Scarf Necklaces with your favorite little black dress LBD or pants to create a new outfit with each one. 
  3. Church Outfit: Wondering what to wear to Church on Sunday? Add a Scarf Necklace to a simple black or white top and get ready to receive compliments galore
  4. All-season Wear: Weight less than an ounce, the near-weightless Scarf Necklace is perfect to throw over your basic t-shirt in warm weather for a finished look!. Plus Sizes: Because the Scarf Necklace is designed similar to an infinity scarf, it can be worn different ways and adjusted for all shapes and sizes. 
  5. Silver Jewelry Alternative: If you are allergic or unable to wear silver or metallic for other reasons, the Silver Scarf Necklace is the perfect alternative.
  6. Travel Friendly: Packaging perfectly suited for travel⁠. Light as a feather, less than an ounce⁠. Add extra looks to your travel bag without adding bulk or weight.⁠ Worry-free: Does not set off security scanners⁠ and cannot be damaged.
  7. Ready-To-Give Gift: Pretty organza packaging complete with Styling Ideas Guide
  8. BIB or Chunky Necklace Look: The Scarf Necklace provides broad coverage and looks equally great with collared shirts, strapless dresses, turtlenecks, tank tops as well as plunging necklines. While BIB necklaces can be restrictive and heavy, you can achieve a similar look with a Scarf Necklace from ScarfLady that is lightweight, comfortable and provides the versatility of looks suitable for the office, a cocktail party or casual weekend get-together.


Fashion trends come and go, some trends disappear as fast as they appear, while others stick around for such a long time. Other fashion trends specifically tailored to address a customer need can stand they test of time.
The Scarf Necklace is designed for women who love the look of traditional fashion infinity scarves and statement jewelry necklaces but are not able to manage the bulk, warmth or weight around the neck -- It's unique ability to fill this market niche makes it ideal for many women. They love the look and the compliments received every time they wear it.


For more information, please visit You've Got This!! 

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