denim scarf necklace

Virtually-Weightless Scarf Necklace

- Handmade, Unique, Near-Weightless and Stunning
- Circle design for different looping and lariat-style looks
- Lightweight keeps you cool and your neck weight-free! - less than 1 oz (20 gm); Weighs less than a AA battery
- Extremely durable and does not tangle; Yes, really!
- Hand washable, hang to dry
- Pretty organza satchel packaging with style guide ideal for gift-giving and travel 


Hello, I'm Jan...

Women who like the look of a traditional fashion scarf but find them too hot to wear fall in love with the Scarf Necklace by ScarfLady. And because the scarf necklace shimmers as if beaded, they are often thought to be chunky statement necklace jewelry but are not too heavy to wear (weigh less than 1 ounce or 20 grams). 

I handcraft my creations in Waterloo, Canada. Locally, many know me as the “ScarfLady” who for years spent endless hours with my two sons in hockey arenas and making my products to fundraise for their teams (while at the same time distracting me when games just got too intense to watch :-) ).  


Scarf Necklace Styling Video

You've Totally Got This!!

Getting started is easy with the styling video "How to Wear the Scarf Necklace"

And when you want more styling inspiration, outfit ideas or gift-giving tips, more videos are available. Each video is less than 2 minutes. 


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