How to Choose Your Scarf Necklaces

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This guide aims to make your shopping a little easier by giving you ideas for yourself and the special ladies in your life! 

Scarf Necklaces Are The Perfect Statement Accessory...

Super comfortable and near-weightless design.

Every time you wear the Scarf Necklace, get ready to receive compliments and feel amazingly well put together - with no extra weight or bulk around your neck. 

The featherweight and soft touch may even make you forget that you are wearing anything extra at all 😄

Believe it or not, your Scarf Necklace from ScarfLady will be the best accessory you have ever owned. 


Best known for being...

❤️ Near-weightless - Making them ideal for women who love the look of fashion scarves and statement necklaces but not the bulk, warmth and weight around their neck and...

❤️ Versatile - With multiple ways to wear for different looks and well-suited to fit women of most shapes and sizes

But did you know...

❤️ Handmade from soft, fine, near-weightless but extremely strong metallic threaded yarns

❤️Easy-to-wear - no fastening, no tangling...yes, really!

❤️ Pretty organza satchel packaging ideal for gift-giving and traveling

❤️ Care: Hand wash, hang to dry

❤️ Free shipping in US and Canada - Easy returns

❤️ Weight: Less than an ounce(22 grams)


Choose Your Colors Now!

Whether you are shopping for yourself or special ladies in your life, here are some helpful ideas to pick the perfect colors!  🎁


Looking for something to go with Denim?

For the Denim Lovers consider the
  1. Denim Scarf Necklace for a "denim pop"
  2. Blue and Sunny Yellow Scarf Necklace for a brighter denim look
  3. Boho Rustic (blue, beige and tan) Scarf Necklace for a more subtle, casual look. 
  4. Pink Blue Scarf Necklace for a more colorful denim look

Scarf Necklaces on Denim Outfits


Boho or Hippie?

Especially recently, women are looking for more informal, relaxed and positive fashion.

  1. Rustic Boho Scarf Necklace is perfect for the Earthy Boho Girl on your list and the
  2. Saffron Red Black Scarf Necklace adds a Bohemian Flare and is perfect with black and the many other incorporated colors.





Gold and Silver Jewelry Alternatives or Complements 

Have trouble wearing silver (you know who you are) or want a stunning replacement or complement for your gold or silver jewelry, these Scarf Necklaces are perfect choice 😊 

  1. Gold Tone Scarf Necklace
  2. Silver Scarf Necklace



Who doesn't need something to go with black? 

So true 😊 -- We all seem to have some black in our closet. While it's true you can wear any Scarf Necklace well with black or white basics, here are some ideas to get your started!

  1. Gold Copper Look
  2. Classic Black with Black, White, Silver
  3. Jewel Tones (Purple, Royal Blue, Black)
  4. Stunning Solid Color Options on Black - Available in White, Off-white (Pearl), Deep Red and Teal/Turquoise.
 Black Infinity Scarf Necklace
Turquoise Statement Jewelry to wear with black



Looking for something more neutral?

When you're pretty sure color is not your ladies' thing, but they still want a "notice me" look, consider some of these favorites...

  1. Solid Off-white Pearl
  2. Gold Copper Accessory 
  3. Solid White Statement
  4. Solid Black Statement
  5. Black and White Classic
  6. Gold Tone Scarf Necklace 



Looking for a Pop of Color?

If your ladies are looking to brighten up their look with some classy color combinations, take a look at some of these options:

  1. Trending Rose Tan
  2. Majestic Jewel Tones (Purple, Royal Blue, Black)
  3. Stunning Solid Red
  4. Purple for the Purple Lovers (you know who they are)
  5. Magenta and White (stunning with grey/white hair)
  6. Multicolor Rainbow
  7. Blue Green Scarf Necklace 
  8. Red, White and Blue Scarf Necklace
  9. Pastel Multicolor Scarf Necklace 
  10. Teal/Turquoise
  11. Pink Blue Scarf Necklace
  12. Blue and Sunny Yellow Scarf Necklace for a brighter denim look


Colorful Scarf Necklaces in many colors


Has this guide been helpful finding a Scarf Necklace that works for you or a lady on your shopping list? Your opinion matters --Please let us know in the comments section below!!



Need Help?

Still have questions? Always happy to help. You can reach out to or call 519-497-9898. 

    Comments (3 Responses)

    22 March, 2023

    Hazel Treece

    Just want to thank you for such a wonderful product. Was in car wreck—broke neck, rotators, and other injures. I say all of this because I love jewelry but unable to wear especially necklaces. I just purchased 2 and I am so excited that now I can complete my look. THANK YOU!

    22 March, 2023

    JoAnne Gage Teske

    They are beautiful and make stunning accessory.

    22 March, 2023

    Ms Franics Jeanine Morhet

    Looking through and ready to make a first purchase for a friend well more then a friend the other Nana to our 2 grandsons lol my daughters sons. Making a decision well I love so far everything.
    Happy Thanksgiving to All Scarflady ✌❤

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