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Women who like the look of a traditional fashion scarf but find them too hot to wear fall in love with the Scarf Necklace by ScarfLady. And because the Scarf Necklace shimmers as if beaded, they are often thought to be chunky statement necklace jewelry but are not too heavy to wear (weigh less than 1 ounce or 22 grams). 

I handcraft my creations in Waterloo, Canada. Locally, many know me as the “ScarfLady” who for years spent endless hours with my two sons in hockey arenas and making my products to fundraise for their teams (while at the same time distracting me when games just got too intense to watch :-) ).  

Handmade. Near-Weightless. Stunning.

ScarfLady accessory items are made from extremely soft, fine, featherweight yarns with metallic threading. Despite the fine nature of the work, ScarfLady items are extremely durable, can be cleaned and do not tangle. Yes, really!

The pattern designs combine several different types of yarns to achieve rich color depth and the desired glitter, softness and bulk for a dramatic, yet refined, sophisticated look.

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    Chicago's Merchandise Mart One of a Kind Show


    Toronto's One of a Kind Show

More About ScarfLady and Founder Jan Jaworsky

Graduating from university with a coop math degree, Jan worked as an executive in the technology industry for more than 20 years prior to ScarfLady.

The roots of ScarfLady started as a result of Jan's creative passion and desire to help support her two young boys' hockey teams. Jan's novelty yarn scarves were in demand so she began selling them to hockey moms and putting the proceeds toward her kids' teams. New designs using near-weightless metallic yarns spread demand well beyond the hockey arena as women everywhere loved the look fashion scarves and statement necklaces without the warmth, bulk, weight and strain around their necks. 

While ScarfLady work is best known for being near-weightless and creating a stunning statement look for any season, they also make unique gifts and are 'ready-to-give' in pretty organza packaging. They're great for travel providing additional looks without bulking up your travel bag.

Jan's design skills as well as her many years experience as a product marketing executive means that she can truly enjoy her creative work while still leveraging her business knowledge. 

And now that Jan's boys are young adults, Jan can be seen exhibiting her handmade accessories at artisan shows and online at www.ScarfLady.ca.

Why ScarfLady?...Constantly being asked, "Are you the lady who makes scarves?” and "Are you the scarf lady?", the name ScarfLady™ just made sense. 

Community of Waterloo

ScarfLady continues to help in the local community donating items for silent auctions and other fundraising activities in the Waterloo area. Jan is often seen in attendance at these events with her husband, Dave, who is currently the Mayor of the City of Waterloo.