How To Wear an Infinity Scarf - And finding one that works for you!

Jan Jaworsky

            How To Wear an Infinity Scarf - And finding one that works for you!

Accessories like infinity scarves can add new life to any wardrobe but for many, styling your infinity scarf to lay "just right" can be incredibly intimidating -- Some common objections include

"I love the look but I get too hot and have to take it off"

"My neck is too short to wear bulky scarf"

"They look good on others but not on me"

"I do not know how to style them"

If this sounds like you, we are here to help; Here is your guide on finding and wearing a statement infinity scarf look that works for you!


Traditional Infinity Scarves 

While there are many versions of infinity scarves they typically all have one thing in common. They are designed as a loop allowing them to be styled in different ways for multiple looks.  Bulky infinity scarves are ideal for a dramatic look but many women find them too hot, too large for their short neck/stature or too difficult to style. 

Lightweight Infinity Scarves

Lightweight infinity scarves made of silk or other fine yarns can be an alternative for women who love the look of a traditional fashion scarf but have yet to find something that works for them.

If you are looking specifically for a silk scarves, there are several artisan vendors on specializing in unique, limited-run options. Another more unique style to consider are the those made from soft, fine, featherweight yarns which are surprisingly strong and durable.

These extremely lightweight options are ideal for

  • all season wear
  • women not able to manage the warmth associated with the bulk and weight of a traditional fashion scarf even during cold weather
  • women who struggle to get the right look due to their short neck or stature in general

Infinity Scarf Necklace 

Take a peek at one such option, the Scarf Necklaces from

.    .         

According to Jan Jaworsky from ScarfLady, an artisan making Infinity Scarf Necklaces from these soft, fine yarns, "Customers also tell me they prefer the Scarf Necklaces to chunky statement jewelry as its lightweight avoids neck strain and, during hot weather, they do not get the clammy wet feeling of jewelry on their skin.

Styling the Scarf Necklace is similar to that of an infinity scarf. Click here to learn the multiple ways to style the Scarf Necklace by ScarfLady to create many different looks! 

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