"At Home" Spring Show Season Promotion

Jan Jaworsky

            "At Home" Spring Show Season Promotion

Things are different right now for everyone. Today would have been the Friday of the Originals Spring Show in Ottawa and instead, I'm at home with my family as I am sure many of you are. In fact, all spring season shows have been cancelled up until the end of June. This includes the Toronto One of a Kind Show that was postponed from March to June and the Chicago One of a Kind Show in late April.  

So, like many other artisans, I have been working on a plan to connect with you and at the same time find a way to help entertain each other while staying home. After social distancing by phone with my show season BFF and talking about how rewarding it is to see proud customers at shows wearing their outfits including our work, I was inspired!  

"At-Home" Spring Season Promotion

I invite you to send a photo in your favourite outfit including a ScarfLady item or share an uplifting story about wearing or gift-giving your ScarfLady item and I will send you a special one-time discount code for an entire order on ScarfLady.ca!

Take advantage of the special discount and consider sending ScarfLady items as a Mother's Day or Birthday gifts or as a treat for yourself. 


A lot of us are now working-at-home or are simply at-home and lack motivation to wear anything more than comfy sweatpants. To kick things off, I changed things up and "dressed up" in a ScarfLady outfit and took some fun pictures. I am hoping pictures like these and uplifting stories will entertain us while we stay home and give us new ideas for outfits including ScarfLady items. Here are a few of my  photos...


You can email photos to me at jan@scarflady.ca along with your Instagram or Facebook tag if you have one (ScarfLady's is @scarfladyfashions). If you are not comfortable including your face in the photo, simply do a body shot or turn your face in the photo. I am also happy to crop photos when asked. And photos you already have on file of you in your outfit are welcome too. 

I look forward to receiving you pictures and stories and hope they inspire a plan for a sunny future outfit!! Thank you for your continued support virtually over this next while and I wish you and your family good health...Jan.


*Special Note - I can be open for business because I work from my home studio and can package and ship items safely. I am able to social distance with postal service workers through pick ups and they can drop off your orders safely. Thank you for your continued support that allows me to do what I love.

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