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Pricing is displayed according to currency selected. Currency selector is located in upper right of page near Cart icon. The entire GemLace by ScarfLady collection is made with almost weightless metallic yarns. They are designed like an infinity circle scarf and are often thought to be a statement necklace. This means they are lightweight and easy to put on for women of all sizes!
Denim Jewelry Scarf - Star Sapphire GemLace
Denim Jewelry Scarf - Star Sapphire GemLace $49.00 CAD
Pearl Onyx GemLace Scarf
Pearl Onyx GemLace Scarf $49.00 CAD
Turquoise Amethyst GemLace
Turquoise Amethyst GemLace $49.00 CAD
Onyx GemLace
Onyx GemLace $49.00 CAD
Garnet GemLace Scarf
Garnet GemLace Scarf $49.00 CAD
Pearl GemLace Scarf
Pearl GemLace Scarf $49.00 CAD
Summer Scarf Necklace - Spring GemLace Scarf
Summer Scarf Necklace - Spring GemLace Scarf $49.00 CAD
Coral Jade GemLace Scarf
Coral Jade GemLace Scarf $49.00 CAD
Garnet Onyx GemLace
Garnet Onyx GemLace $49.00 CAD
GemLace Adorned Necklace
GemLace Adorned Necklace $49.00 CAD
Pink Sky GemLace
Pink Sky GemLace $49.00 CAD
Pink Pearl GemLace Scarf
Pink Pearl GemLace Scarf $49.00 CAD
Promotion Bundle - Classic Elegance
Promotion Bundle - Classic Elegance $88.00 CAD $98.00 CAD
Promotion Bundle - Casual Chic
Promotion Bundle - Casual Chic $78.00 CAD $98.00 CAD
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