Product Innovation - Research and Development Time at ScarfLady - Part 1

Jan Jaworsky

            Product Innovation - Research and Development Time at ScarfLady - Part 1

Whatever your area of business, whether you are an artisan, technology company or car manufacturer, research and development plays a critical role in the innovation process. It’s essentially an investment in a creative process or technology which is transformed into new products or variations in current product.

Summertime is when I take time to step back and look at new ideas for variations in existing product and possible new design ideas. I have been busy this summer trying out new yarns and yarn colours for the GemLace by ScarfLady as well as a new product design. 

Early customer feedback is also very important in the innovation process for creative ideas that make it past the testing phase and into limited production. I have posted a limited number of a new colour variation in my shop for purchase and have asked current customers for feedback and name ideas for this new colour option.  If you have any feedback or name ideas for the "Blue and Pink" GemLace, please comment below and you will be entered into a draw for the New NeckLace GemLace. I will be doing a follow up blog about the creative process I went through this summer to develop this new product. 

Tie it as an infinity scarf in a French knot!  A great look when looking for a longer scarf look that makes a slimming a "Y"  formation. 

Wear it in a triple loop!  A shorter length, ideal if working in the kitchen, around small children or for a "necklace" look for your outfit. 


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29 August, 2017

Vicki Doucet

Reminds me of wildflowers. Call it wildflower.

23 August, 2017

Shirley Samuel

This scarf reminds of the Provence region of southern France. The hints of purple from the lavender fields, the pale blue of the sky and the dark blue of the Mediterranean sea. And the other colours, from the gardens and window boxes one would see in every house! It’s a bit long for a name, but I think “Provence Elegance” suits it to a “T”.

16 August, 2017

Jo-Anne Ward

I’d call this beautiful scarf Sunrise!

14 August, 2017


I would call this scarf Dreamscape I really like the colours.

13 August, 2017

Beverley Johnson

I love the fresh looking (and blue is my favorite color as well:)

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