Product Innovation Blog Follow Up - Congratulations to....

What an incredible response to my request for feedback and name ideas for the new "pink and blue" GemLace! And congratulations to Edina B. of Bradford, Ontario who is the winner of the draw for the new necklace version of the GemLace!  Please click on the link at the bottom of this update for Part 2 of the Product Innovation blog and learn about ScarfLady's newly created product and how to enter my next draw for a FREE ScarfLady item.


Well the sunset/sunrise theme definitely dominated the suggestions and included names such as Aurora, Northern Lights, Summer Twilight, Shimmering Sunset, Sailor's Delight and several more. I think the pictures below show the reason for this common theme. I loved all of the ideas but how do I choose one? Perhaps Pink Sunset GemLace captures the essence of many suggested names. 


Thank you so much for your incredible response to my request for input.

Here is the link to Part 2 - Product Innovation - Research and Development Time at ScarfLady where you will learn about the R&D related to the new necklace version of the GemLace will be launched at the Fall and Christmas Handmade shows starting with Ball's Falls in Niagara on the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend (Oct 6-9). 


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