Need Help Picking GemLace Colors?

Jan Jaworsky

            Need Help Picking GemLace Colors?

Need Help Picking Colors? Start with this handy list of hints for some ideas. 

Want to compliment silver or white gold jewelry? 

Pearl Onyx GemLace is ideal (Black, white, silver metallic)


Want to compliment gold jewelry?

Tiger's Eye GemLace work well (Brown, beige, copper and gold metallic)


Wear mostly black?

For a monochromatic look try the Onyx GemLace (solid black metallic)

For those who do not want much color, consider Pearl Onyx GemLace (Black, white, silver metallic), Pearl GemLace (off white, cream, winter white metallic) or Tiger’s Eye GemLace  (Brown, beige, copper and gold metallic). –

For those looking for a little punch of color look at these GemLace that combine some color with black: Turquoise Amethyst GemLace (turquoise, purple and black metallic), Garnett Onyx GemLace (red, black, orange and pink metallic). 

For those looking a more significant color punch look at any of the other GemLace as everything really does go with black. Popular choices include the Aquamarine, Star Sapphire, Rustic and Multi.


Wear lots of denims?

Star Sapphire GemLace (denim blue metallic) or the Rustic GemLace (denim blue and dark/light beige metallic).


Wear the jewel tones?

Aquamarine GemLace (blues and green metallic)

Turquoise Amethyst GemLace(turquoise, purple and black metallic)

Turquoise GemLace (solid teal/turquoise)

Garnet GemLace(red metallic)


Wear softer or pastel colors?

Pastel GemLace (light blues, pinks, etc metallic)

Pink Ruby GemLace (pinks and white metallic)

Star Sapphire GemLace (denim blue metallic)


Know somone who loves purple?

Amethyst GemLace (purples)

Turquoise Amethyst (black, turquoise and some purple)


Wear prints or want a impact of a strong solid color?

The solid color GemLace are ideal. Choose from

Onyx GemLace (black metallic)

Pearl GemLace (winter white metallic)

Turquoise GemLace (turquoise/teal metallic)

Garnet GemLace (red metallic).


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10 October, 2020

Georgia Falkenberg

I need an orange scarf for my husband’s funeral on Thursday Oct. 16. If I ordered today the orange & green infinity scarf/coral jade gemlace scarf, would it be possible to get it to me by morning of the 16th? I am a repeat customer, purchased at the Chicago One-of-a-Kind show. Thank you.

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