A Story of Two Sisters and the GemLace by ScarfLady

Jan Jaworsky

            A Story of Two Sisters and the GemLace by ScarfLady

This is a story about two sisters, Mary Anne and Doreen. Mary Anne details the travels of the GemLace from ScarfLady she gave to her sister, Doreen, as a gift....

"Unable to easily leave my home, I was so pleased to be able to order and send my sister a wonderful GemLace by ScarfLady. Their lightweight makes shipping inexpensive when often shipping can cost as much as the gift you would like to send. My sister traveled to Florida with her GemLace and sent me this picture. Doesn’t she look great! The GemLace is ideal for travel. They can be added to your suitcase without adding any bulk or weight and can be combined with any plain coloured top to finish off the outfit."


Back home in Ontario, Mary Anne was able to get out for out for High Tea and was so pleased to receive so many compliments on her GemLace. And boy can you tell they are sisters!!



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