How to Wear a Scarf Necklace Video

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Summary: Designed in a circle or loop, the Scarf Necklace can be worn multiple ways for different looks.

1. Single, double or triple loop the Scarf Necklace similar to an infinity scarf or long string of beads to create the desired length.

2. Lariat or French Knot - Extend the scarf necklace in half lengthwise and place the entire scarf necklace behind your head. Pull both loops forward. Make the lengths uneven, insert the long length through the loop of the short length. Let it hang. Lean forward, grab the strands beside your neck pulling them slightly away from your neck and give them a shake for stands to spread out and down.

The Scarf Necklace is ideal for women...
  - when you become to hot to wear scarves
  - when you can not wear heavy jewellery (weighs less than 20 grams)
  - for travel - travel packaging, compact and light weight
  - for gift giving - organza packaging complete with instructions and light weight for shipping

  - can be worn with a t-shirt, turtleneck, collared shirt or shirt without a collar
  - can be worn with or without a denim, leather or sweater jacket
  - can be worn several different ways for different looks

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