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Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

ScarfLady Goes Back to

What a fun time at my high school's 50th anniversary reconnecting with old/current/new friends! Most knew me as a Math/Technology person so some were quite surprised to learn about Jan the ScarfLady. It was a great opportunity for many graduates to provide prizes and sponsorship to help support this great event. Take a peek at the GemLace scarves I wore with my outfits, the prize table and some other fun shots.

Back in "the hood" with friends

Friday Night Event wearing the Black Onyx GemLace

Onyx GemLace from ScarfLady 


Wearing Amethyst GemLace with follow alumni at Saturday Night Event

Amethyst GemLace from ScarfLady


Prize table including GemLace from ScarfLady and Lunch with the Mayor of Waterloo!

Bookclub friends today - Alumni from both the 70s and the 80s!

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