$100 ScarfLady Giveaway Promotion

Jan Jaworsky

            $100 ScarfLady Giveaway Promotion

$100 Giveaway from ScarfLady!

You can now review ScarfLady statement necklace scarf items on ScarfLady.ca! Reviews are listed under the product descriptions of each item on the site! To get things started, ScarfLady is giving away a $100 gift voucher to use on ScarfLady.ca!

The $100 Giveway will be picked September 22nd! So head to ScarfLady.ca, go to a product, enter your product review and be entered into the draw! If you click on Write a Review in the Customer Reviews section and you think things are not working, try scrolling down the page to see the fields to enter your information. Thank you for your continued support and good luck to all in the draw! 

Comments (Responses)

19 September, 2019

Nancy Lawler

I own a bunch of scarf lady scarves and have given them as gifts. I like that they are lightweight and easy to wear.

18 September, 2019

Rose Keith

I first purchased a denim scarf at a one-of-a-kind show. I had so many compliments while walking down the street and women stopping me in the mall. I had to buy a second one to match my leather jacket and of course the same thing happened. Everyone is stopping me all the time! You have to get these scarves. They replace jewellery as well. There are a variety of colours to pick from. Simply stunning.

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