2019 Fall/Christmas Show Schedule!

Jan Jaworsky

            2019 Fall/Christmas Show Schedule!

What a great summer we had in Ontario, Canada! I hope yours was the same. I was focused on stocking up for the busy Fall and Holiday Show schedule.

One of my workspaces for the summer!  This day I am making base pieces for the Star Sapphire/Denim GemLace. Like a statement necklace or traditional infinity scarf it finishes a denim outfit without being hot or heavy.

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Some mornings are now a bit chilly!  That means it is time to think about plans for the Fall and Christmas Show Season. 

My season started early this year at the  Inspired Hands Arts and Crafts event in Sudbury September 13-15th. Since I did not do summer shows, it was great to see both new and current customers as well as reuniting with fellow artisans friends that I have not seen since Spring.

The Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival in Niagara never fails as one of the most beautiful venues whether it is for a handmade artisan show or for a simple stroll through nature. This year's Thanksgiving Festival running from October 11-14 will undoubtedly be another great show! An added bonus is that I get to stay and celebrate with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law who live in area.

Earlier than other years,  October 24-27, I will be returning to the Nepean Sportsplex Christmas Craft Show. This will be the only show I will be exhibiting at in the Ottawa area this year so be sure to mark you calendars for October 24-27. 

In November, I will be exhibiting at the Toronto One of a Kind Show for the entire eleven days of the show, November 21 - December 1st at Exhibition Place. This is my first time exhibiting for the entire 11 days and I look forward to a great show. 

I hope to see you at one of the shows but remember you can also order at www.ScarfLady.ca anytime, anywhere! Best Regards, Your Scarf Lady...Jan.

    1. Inspired Hands in Sudbury Sept 13-15
    2. Ball's Falls Thanksgiving Festival Oct 11-14
    3. Nepean Sportsplex Christmas Craft Show October 24-27

    4. Toronto One of a Kind Show Nov 21- Dec 1

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infinity scarfAn Inspired Hands customer from Sudbury this past weekend. She was excited to have an almost weightless infinity scarf instead of a heavy statement necklace to finish off her blue jacket! It appears like a beaded scarf but is made from metallic yarns. 


statement necklace scarf


Many others were interested in the newer necklace version of the GemLace seen below!



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28 October, 2019

Jan Gibbons

Does your schedule mean that you won’t be at the Chicago One of a Kind Show this year??

19 September, 2019

Diane Middleton

Love your scarves-bought before!

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