NEW! Silver Scarf Necklace - Limited Edition

  • Handmade. Near-weightless. 3 Ways to Wear. 

    Replace or Complement Silver Jewelry!

    Frequently requested and now available is the Silver Scarf Necklace. Whether you have trouble wearing silver (you know who you are) or want a stunning complement for your silver jewelry, the Silver Scarf Necklace is the perfect choice.

  • So versatile! You pick the colors best for you and know that you can change  up each look with this stunning accessory! And because it's a solid, it's not only a true statement look but it can be worn on prints too -- Did I say it's versatile already 😍‼️  

Cool and Comfortable Accessories

Handmade, Unique, Near-Weightless and Stunning

Design Details:

Handmade from soft, fine, near-weightless but extremely strong yarns with metallic threading

✅ Versatile Infinity Loop Design - Multiple ways to wear for different looks

✅ Easy-to-wear - no fastening, no tangling...yes, really!

✅ Pretty organza satchel packaging ideal for gift-givingand traveling

✅ Care: Hand wash, hang to dry

Free shipping in US and Canada - Easy returns

✅ Dimensions: 60 inches circumference

✅ Weight: less than an ounce


A beautiful finishing pieceto any outfit and often thought to be statement jewelry.It shimmers as if beaded but is made from metallic yarnsand almost weightless. Ideal for women who love the look of a fashion scarf or statement necklace but find them too bulky, hot and heavy to wear. Versatile, packable and perfect for any seasonor occasion. Looks great with an evening dress, business outfit or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. It can be worn several different ways to fit all sizes and body shapes.

One Scarf Necklace. 3 Ways.

Easy-to-wear – no fastening, no tangling…yes, really!

1. The French Knot Look (or Lariat)

LEARN MORE - Instructions and Video

2. Styled as a Double Loop

LEARN MORE - Instructions and Video

3. Try out the Triple Loop

LEARN MORE - Instructions and Video


We're confident you'll love your ScarfLady items, but know if you're not happy, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee! From the actual delivery day.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Looks beautiful!

I have a few of the Scarf Necklaces and love all of them. I use them in different ways and it’s so easy to do. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments!

Linda Pynn

Great as always that is why I keep coming back for all the new scarfs

Fun and Fabulous

I own several of these beautiful accessories. They are elegant and unique. I brought a few on a recent trip to Egypt and gifted one to our Egyptologist. She had never seen anything like it and loved it.

Scarf Necklaces

These Scarf Necklaces are perfect for getting a finished look. They are virtually weightless and well made so they hang beautifully and satisfy the need for a scarf and jewelry. The fabrics sparkle. I get multiple compliments every time I wear these scarves. I now own four and plan to purchase more. Shipping is quick and products are packed well.

Five star rating for my new Silver Scarf Necklace - love it.

I haven't had the Silver Scarf Necklace long and actually have not had a chance to wear it yet. Of course, I did model it and I know I will be wearing it often as it goes with everything. I now am the proud owner of 3 Scarf Necklaces. They are so easy, comfortable and versatile, absolute must to have.