MultiColor Statement Necklace Scarf

  • Like a scarf without the bulk or warmth.

    Like a statement necklace without the weight.


    With the many colors of the Multicolor Scarf Necklace such as blue, red, yellow, orange, pink, etc., it is ideal to wear with most anything. And whether you are working in an office, heading out for lunch with friends or traveling with a casual wardrobe, you can always dress up your look with a lightweight necklace scarf! 

Cool and Comfortable Accessories

Handmade, Unique, Near-Weightless and Stunning

Design Details:

Handmade from soft, fine, near-weightless but extremely strong yarns with metallic threading

✅ Versatile Infinity Loop Design - Multiple ways to wear for different looks

✅ Easy-to-wear - no fastening, no tangling...yes, really!

✅ Pretty organza satchel packaging ideal for gift-givingand traveling

✅ Care: Hand wash, hang to dry

Free shipping in US and Canada - Easy returns

✅ Dimensions: 60 inches circumference

✅ Weight: less than an ounce


A beautiful finishing pieceto any outfit and often thought to be statement jewelry.It shimmers as if beaded but is made from metallic yarnsand almost weightless. Ideal for women who love the look of a fashion scarf or statement necklace but find them too bulky, hot and heavy to wear. Versatile, packable and perfect for any seasonor occasion. Looks great with an evening dress, business outfit or a pair of jeans and a T-shirt. It can be worn several different ways to fit all sizes and body shapes.

One Scarf Necklace. 3 Ways.

Easy-to-wear – no fastening, no tangling…yes, really!

1. The French Knot Look (or Lariat)

LEARN MORE - Instructions and Video

2. Styled as a Double Loop

LEARN MORE - Instructions and Video

3. Try out the Triple Loop

LEARN MORE - Instructions and Video


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Customer Reviews

Based on 140 reviews
Nina Londagin
Nina Londagin

I love it. Thedifferent colors go with many of my outfits!!!

Suzi in Alaska
Bought it for a gift but need to find another as I can't pass it on.

I see it more as a versatile necklace than a scarf, but it's only a name. It's a great way to shift a t-shirt into gala wear, light and portable so the perfect travel companion, and the colors are such that the same one goes with anything/everything.

Great products!

Great product, I have 3 all of which I love.

Love it!!

Love it, love it!! This is the second one I've ordered and I've received many compliments!!! Tell all my friends that are into scarves where to order!!

Noella MacLean
A must have item

I have purchase the multi coloured scarf and I love it .. it goes with all Color’s and is so eye catching..I get so many compliments on it ..just ordered one for a friend she loved mine so much .. stunning