Three Ways to "GemLace" your Fall Wardrobe!

Jan Jaworsky

            Three Ways to "GemLace" your Fall Wardrobe!

Fall is coming! There is something special about what Fall has to offer - The days are sunny, cool and crisp, and the trees are a stunning display of reds, burnt orange/copper and golden yellow.
To get you in the spirit, here are a few ways you can "GemLace" your Fall attire! Please add your comments below, including your ideas to "GemLace" your Fall wardrobe.
  • The Tiger's Eye GemLace contains "classic Fall colouring" and pairs well with a black or light colored top, tan or dark jacket and gold or copper accessories. This combination carries through the Winter season as well.
  • The Tiger's Eye GemLace works equally well with any solid black, tan, cream, brown or white top.
  • Combine any of these looks with a gold, bronze or copper accessory such as a necklace, belt buckle, purse or shoes for an even more finished look. 


  • For more casual look, combine the Rustic GemLacewith the leather and denim colouring with a top and denim jacket.
  • Adding natural leather accessories such as a belt, purse or boots can compliment this look.

    •  If you are looking for something with more colour, the Coral Jade GemLace combines burnt oranges and moss greens for a great Fall look. Surprisingly this same GemLace combines well with a coral top for a refreshing spring and summer look. 

    Click here to see the entire GemLace by ScarfLady Collection!

    Comment below on your favourite Fall Look above or provide another idea for a Fall outfit!

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