UW Math "Pink Math Tie" for Ladies

Imagine an alternative to the Pink Math Tie ideal for Ladies!  These items were developed specifically to commemorate and celebrate the Faculty of Math 50th Anniversary by BMath ’88 grad and artisan, Jan Young Jaworsky. Both the scarf or necklace version of the "Pink Math Tie GemLace" make the perfect UW Math Grad fashion accessory!


More About Artisan, Jan Jaworsky

After graduating from UW Honours Coop BMath, Bus Admin in 1988, Jan joined a Waterloo software startup becoming a senior level product marketing executive and "retiring" after 20 years.

Jan's pastime always involved designing and making clothes and accessories. As a mother of two boys, she designed and made hockey scarves in Waterloo colours to sell as a fundraiser and putting proceeds toward team budgets. 

Jan recognized a need for a lady’s fashion accessory when “too hot” for a scarf and when “too heavy” for chunky jewellery. Jan's collection leverages metallic yarns from Europe and are often thought to be beaded.  In 2012, Jan created ScarfLady™ and sells at handmade shows such as the One of a Kind Show in Toronto and Chicago and online at www.ScarfLady.ca.  Jan is able to leverage her former 20-year career of marketing and trade show experience in the high-tech industry.  She continues support of many Waterloo Region fundraisers through silent auction donations.