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All items from ScarfLady are handcrafted in Waterloo, Canada.  Initially designed for women who love the look of a traditional fashion scarf but find them just too hot to wear, demand for GemLace by ScarfLady grew quickly when launched in 2012. And while the GemLace shimmers as if beaded, many also enjoy wearing the GemLace in place of bold, statement jewellery that is too heavy to wear for any length of time. Packaged in an organza satchel complete with instructions, the GemLace are ideal for travel adding no bulk or weight to a suitcase and are “ready-to-go” for gift giving. In 2017, growth continues and a new necklace version of the GemLace was been added to the product line for women who love the lightweight and ease of travel of the original GemLace but traditionally do not wear scarves or their work or lifestyle is such that they cannot wear an accessory that dangles. The new necklace version of the GemLace can be worn alone or combined with the original GemLace scarf!


About the Artist 

Graduating from university with a coop math degree, Jan worked as an executive in the technology industry for more than 20 years. Stopping work and supporting her two young boys' busy lives was a significant transition for Jan but one she loved and embraced. 

ScarfLady began in 2012 but its roots started as a result of Jan's creative passion and desire to help support her two boys' hockey teams. Demand for Jan's novelty yarn scarves was in demand so she began selling them to hockey moms and putting the proceeds toward her kids' teams. New designs using lightweight metallic yarns spread demand beyond the hockey arena as women everywhere loved the look of a scarf without the heat and the look of chunky jewelry without the weight. Jan's design skills as well as her more than 20 years experience as a product marketing executive at a technology firm means that she can truly enjoy her creative work while still leveraging her business knowledge. 

Constantly being asked, "Are you the lady who makes scarves?” and "Are you the scarf lady?", the name ScarfLady™ just made sense. Jan's GemLace™ metallic yarn scarf necklace creations are a finishing piece to an outfit and are often thought to be jewellery. They shimmer as if they are a beaded scarf with gems but are lightweight making them ideal for all-year wear and travel. They make a unique gift and are 'ready-to-give' in organza bag packaging.

And now that Jan's boys are young adults, Jan can be seen exhibiting her handmade accessories at handmade specific artisan shows and online at www.ScarfLady.ca.

Community of Waterloo

ScarfLady continues to help in the local community donating items for silent auctions and other fundraising activities in the Waterloo area and attending many of these events as well.