Copy of How To Add A Product Review

Because product reviews are critical for online shoppers, I'd love your support 💕.  Your review can be simple and reference your first name only -- And it would really help my shop 🥰 !  

To add a product review(s),

1. Review by Product Name -Click on the items you wish to review listed below.

2. Review by Product Picture - See instructions further down the page. 


1. Review by Product Name - Scarf Necklaces

Black Scarf Necklace

Black and White Scarf Necklace

Blue Beige Scarf Necklace (Boho Rustic)

Blue Green Scarf Necklace (Aqua)

Blue Yellow  Scarf Necklace (Sunny Sky)

Bohemian Red Scarf Necklace (Saffron, Red, Beige, Black)

Denim Scarf Necklace

Gold Copper Tan Brown Scarf Necklace (Tiger's Eye)

Multicolor Scarf Necklace

Off-white Scarf Necklace (Pearl/Winter White)

Orange Green Scarf Necklace

Pink Blue Scarf Necklace

Pink Fuchsia Scarf Necklace

Purple Scarf Necklace

Red Scarf Necklace

Silver Scarf Necklace

Teal/Turquoise Scarf Necklace

Turquoise Purple Black Scarf Necklace (Majestic)

White Scarf Necklace


Review by Product Name - Traditional Necklaces 

Black Necklace

Black and White Necklace

Blue Necklace

Blue Pink Necklace

Blue Beige Necklace

Blue Green Necklace

Purple Necklace

Red Necklace

Teal/Turquoise Necklace

Turquoise Purple Black Necklace


2. Review by Product Picture - Follow the instructions below to enter a review from a picture of the item on the All Products Page. 

1. Click Entire Collection Page and then click on the item you wish to review.

2. On the Product Page, Scroll Down to Reviews Section. Click "Write a Review" at the far right, across from Customer Reviewsand Star Rating. Enter your review and click on Submit Review.

3. Repeat if you own multiple Scarf Necklaces. 

4. Having difficulty? Reply to this email with the following:

  • First Name and Last Name Initial: 
  • Email Address:
  • Product/Color Name:
  • Content for Review:

Thank you for your continued support of my small business -- It means the world to me 🥰  !!