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 A business needs to pivot to meet the changing needs of our community and customers. Now, as North America moves towards opening back up, face masks will be a  part of our regular style to keep everyone safe. Many of you have reached out to me hoping to support and source a product they can trust. I am now pleased to offer non-medical Scarflady Face Masks to those who need them. They are available for sale on www.ScarfLady.ca.

Until now, I have been making masks dedicated to fundraising for those in need in my home city of Waterloo, Canada as well as for the area where my cottage is located near Peterborough, Canada.

To prepare for this next stage, I have been building stock and setting up my website to make these non-medical face masks available to my ScarfLady clients. They are now in stock and ready to ship. 

Masks, of course, are intended to be used with social distancing, proper hand washing, avoiding touching the face and are to be laundered regularly. And I recommend having at least 2 - one clean as one is being washed. 

Please note, mail is slower but is delivering.  Any questions? Happy to help. Send me an email: jan@scarflady.ca 

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