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Red Pattern Cloth Face Mask

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Product Details: ScarfLady Face Masks are made from cotton fabric and are hand washable in hot soapy water. An aluminum wire across the top of the face mask ensures a custom fit around the nose and cheeks to close off open areas and minimize the fogging of glasses. Long elastic loops are provided that go around the ears and can be shortened.

Fitting your mask: First, place the mask on your face with the wired section at the top. Form the wire to fit around your nose and cheeks. Once fitted, determine if the elastic loops are the correct length to go around your ears and secure it to your face. To shorten the loops, slide the existing knot out of the elastic channel of the mask, tie a knot to make it shorter and once fitted, move the knot back into the channel of the mask. 

Instructions for wear There is a wire in the top of the mask to customize the fit around your nose and cheeks. This helps to eliminate open areas around the mask and minimizes fogging of glasses.  Elastic loops around the ears secure the mask to your face. 

Instructions for careScarfLady fabric masks are reusable and hand washable in hot soapy water. Hang to dry.

Special Note: Masks are intended to be used with social distancing, proper hand washing, avoiding touching the face and are to be laundered regularly. Having at least 2 allows one to be clean as one is being washed.

**These face masks are not meant to replace medical grade masks.

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