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Masks for Friends of Stoney Lake

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1. There are 20 masks available (two colour options).  One each per donation please. 

2.  Click here to make your donation.  

3. After making your donation, place your $0 order for one face mask here.  Use your Stoney Lake address for your order on ScarfLady.

4. You will receive a $0 order confirmation from ScarfLady.

5. You will receive a second email, once your package is ready for delivery/pickup in the Stoney Lake area. 

6. Masks will be available Saturday May 23rd.

Instructions for wear There is a wire in the top of the mask to customize the fit around your nose and cheeks. This helps to eliminate open areas around the mask and minimizes fogging of glasses.  Elastic loops around the ears secure the mask to your face. 

Instructions for careScarfLady fabric masks are reusable and hand washable in hot soapy water. 

Remember: Wash your hands frequently and do not touch your face or mask (except to put on and take off).

**These face masks are not meant to replace medical grade masks.

Hello Friends of Stoney Lake, 


Many are looking for ways to help the community during the COVID-19 pandemic.  I decided to dust off my sewing machine and focus my ScarfLady efforts in response and make a limited number of non-medical face masks. See "About ScarfLady” below.

I will provide a mask, free of charge, to the first 20 people who donate to Lakefield Community Care. I chose to support Lakefield Community Care program because of the important work they do supporting the Douro-Dummer community with programs like Meals on Wheels, help and support at home, and transportation to medical appointments,  all which help community members stay in their homes.  Now more than ever, it is particularly important that the more vulnerable and seniors, without family to help, are able to stay home and stay safe. 

At a time when we are looking for ways to show gratitude, I hope this small initiative is helpful to the Douro-Dummer community and the people providing the services of Lakefield Community Care.

                       Thank you for your support...Jan, Stoney Laker


About ScarfLady

All ScarfLady items are handmade in Waterloo and Stoney Lake, Ontario. The GemLace by ScarfLady are near-weightless scarf necklaces ideal for women who love the look for a traditional fashion scarf or chunky jewellery but find them too warm or heavy to wear.  They come packaged in organza satchel making them ideal for gift-giving and travel. Traditionally, Jan travels to large shows like the One of a Kind Shows in Toronto and Chicago to sell her work but of course, these are cancelled for the foreseeable future. ScarfLady work is available online at www.ScarfLady.ca.


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