Style Tips for Summer

Jan Jaworsky | 04 July, 2018

            Style Tips for Summer

I hope everyone celebrated a wonderful Canada Day July 1st and Independence Day July 4th with family and friends and doing something they love.

Summer brings out a whole new wardrobe and that means changing up how we accessorize particularly in warmer weather. The GemLace by ScarfLady is the ideal accessory for summer as it is not hot or bulky like a traditional scarf. Customers also tell me they prefer the GemLace to chunky jewellery as it is not heavy and, during hot weather, they do not get the clammy wet feeling of jewelry on their skin.

Here are some style tips for wearing the GemLace by ScarfLady with your summer wardrobe!  I hope you find them helpful. 

1. An accessory with many different colors can go with many different solid color outfits and changes the look completely depending on the colour and type of top or dress you are wearing. The Multi GemLace is shown below on a simple white t-shirt top.  It could also be paired with a simple t-shirt in blue, red, orange, pink or any other colour included in the Multi-Color GemLace. You can also add a sweater or jacket such as the fuchsia sweater top to a simple white top that compliments the GemLace. Each option completely changes how the GemLace looks. 



2. A solid colour accessory allows you to wear your GemLace with a solid or a print. The Onyx GemLace is shown on a printed sleeveless top. 

Black Onyx Infinity Scarf for women


  • 3.  Worn as a Triple Loop means that the GemLace does not hang long in case you would like a simpler look for casual summer wear.  The Star Sapphire GemLace is shown on a on denim T-shirt.


4. Some are surprised how well a GemLace looks with a strapless dress or halter top. It can make the look more conservative. The Turquoise Amethyst GemLace is shown below on an strapless dress. 


How do you wear your GemLace with your summer outfits? Please send me pictures!!

Enjoy your summer...Jan.



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